John Whaite

john whaite

We caught up with John Whaite ahead of The Cake and Bake Show this weekend to find out what he’s up to and his favourite baking tipples.

What’s your baking style – rustic sourdough or fancy croquembouche?

It all depends on my mood and from which side of bed I got out of. If I’m feeling calm, artistic and patient, it will be towers of rolling choux buns and spun sugar. If, however, I’m feeling blue or under the weather, then it has to be something quick and gratifying like scones or churros.

What’s your top baking tip for the novice baker?

Weigh everything exactly AND get an internal oven thermometer!

Tell us your baking guilty pleasure?

It’s got to be scones. I could eat them all day every day topped with clotted cream, butter and blackcurrant or cherry Jam!

Where’s your top loaf worth getting out of bed for?

Boulangerie Jade in Blackheath do a gorgeous rye sourdough. I buy at least three quarter of my loaves a week from there! That toasted, with real hummus, pine nuts, oil and chilli flakes is my ultimate morning kick up the butt.

What’s the next big thing in baking?

Flavoured puff pastry: Chocolate puff pastry, puff pastry with herbs layered in it! I hope so anyway because it’s incredible!

John Whaite will be appearing at The Cake & Bake Show, 13-15th September, Earls Court. For tickets and more information, visit

john whaite

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