Jinjuu Korean Restaurant

jinjoo korean restaurant judy joo
Judy Joo kicks off a Korean food craze with her new restaurant Jinjuu.
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jinjoo korean restaurant judy jooMixing American know how with her killer Korean roots, Judy Joo will be dishing up fabulous fusion food at her new Korean restaurant Jinjuu in December.

Tuck into wicked little plates of Korean tacos, fried chicken, sushi rolls and pajeon seafood pancakes at the casual ground floor bar, with lashings of Korean Soju (a rather lethal spirit) and Asian beers.

Head downstairs to the dining room for shared platters and Korean street food. Judy will be mixing it up with classic BBQ meat wraps and slow cooked pulled pork and kimchi fries.

Jinjuu restaurant, 15 Kingly Court London W1B 5PS – opening January 2015


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