Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Be blown away by the delicate pink sea of Japanese Cherry Blossom this spring

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Spring brings the cherry blossom to Japan. Celebrated for centuries as the national flower and a symbol of hope and renewal, a sea of bright pink cherry blossom makes a wave across the country.

Starting in the warmer southern islands, such as Okinawa where the tropical climate brings the bright pink blossoms as early as January. The Japanese cherry blossom flowers bloom in Tokyo towards the end of March and continue to bloom their way north, as far as Hokkaido right up until May.

Japanese cherry blossom festival fever takes over as the warmer weather brings this spectacular pink phenomenon to the major cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, ending the harsh winters. People celebrate with plenty of food and plenty of sake. You will also find cherry blossom specials, such as cherry blossom ice cream, chocolate bars and even Starbucks.

Mount Fuji, one of the country’s most spectacular sites, is a fabulous place to see the cherry blossom. The Chureito Pagoda, which was built into the foothills of Fujiyoshida, has some of the most spectacular views of the mountain, and around mid April it appears to float in a sea of the fabulous pink cherry blossom.

Thanks to Japan National Tourism Organization for the fabulous images.

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