Jamie Oliver Tefal Range Celebrates 10 years

jamie oliver tefal

This year saw the 10th anniversary of a great partnership between everyone’s favourite TV chef Jamie Oliver and the kitchenware brand Tefal.

Jamie Oliver and Tefal have been in partnership for 10 years, which is his longest commercial partnership. They began in 2003 when the cheeky TV chef launched his first range of frying pans. The brand was an instant success and the Jamie Oliver for Tefal partnership has gone from strength to strength.

To mark this occasion for Jamie Oliver, Tefal have donated a range of pans to each of Jamie’s Ministry of Food centres, as well as the Fifteen restaurant apprentices.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a cooking session at the Ministry of Food in Stratford – these centres do really fantastic work. Based in Bradford, Leeds, Stratford, Rotherham, Alnwick and Newcastle, they are set up to teach the communities how to cook healthy, nutritious meals from scratch.

The UK has a problem with diet-related diseases and this is a step towards educating people about the principles of healthy heating. The concept is brilliant and being rolled out in the USA and Australia.

The 8-week course starts with the basics, poached eggs on toast – a cheap, protein heavy meal. It then takes you through different, nutritious affordable meals, all cooked from scratch.

We had a demo from the amazing staff, which included several ex-pupils, and then help from the big man himself. Jamie popped in to speak about his brand partnership and his Ministry of Food projects, as well as grade our best attempts at making a chicken kebab with BBQ sauce and rocket salad.

Hats off to him, he spoke passionately about his charities and knew every detail of the figures involved.

Jamie Oliver for Tefal will be marking the occasion again later in the year so watch this space.  

For more information visit jamieoliverbytefal.co.uk


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