Indian Street Food from Jhal Muri Express

indian street food

Angus Denoon is a one of a kind street-food trader. His love affair with India, and in particular the food of Kolkata, led him to set up Jhal Muri Express, the most amazing Indian street-food van this side of the Bay of Bengal.

Angus serves Jhal Muri, made from rice puffs and other crunchy bits, mixed with loads of fresh flavourings and spicy sauces. It is classic Indian street food and tastes amazing.

What was fascinating about Angus and his Jhal Muri Express was, not only had he nailed this snack, but also he had nailed the whole Indian street food experience beautifully.

I met Angus at his HQ in South London and was treated to a Jhal Muri masterclass from his van. If you have ever been to India you would recognize every quirky detail. As Angus opened up the van the pungent smell of spices and mustard oil hit me from his store cupboards, neatly arranged in the back of the van doors. Like a well-stocked Indian kitchen, he had everything in tupperware pots, neatly labeled and all with an obligatory patch of turmeric staining.

Garlands of flowers were strung across the roof and multicolored rugs lined everything. Speakers belted out music and everything was hand painted, Indian billboard style. He set up his very own Indian street food cart, with tubs of spices, stainless steel pots and pans. Even the knife he used looked like it was born into the hands of a street-food vendor from Mumbai, aged and with a story to tell.

The Jhal Muri was unbelievable. Angus had refined his recipe and it was fantastic. A mix of crunchy rice puffs, chana dal and crispy noodles, with loads of yummy fresh ingredients. He used finely chopped onions, chilli, coriander, coconut and cucumber.

This was then flavoured-up even more, with loads of lime juice, chaat masala, roasted cumin and tamarind. It was crunchy and soft, sweet and sour and hot and spicy, all at once. It is classic Indian street food!

Angus is hard to find, but well worth it. Catch his movements on twitter @jhalmuriexpress

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