Indian Restaurants London Doing Dude Food

indian restaurants london

While good Indian cooking is a joy whatever the context, sometimes it’s good to get a contemporary take on your classic chana masala or basic biryani. Here are a few excellent examples of dude food thriving in Indian Restaurants, London is killing it with this cool culinary trend.


What to See

rotiRoti Chai

Unsurprisingly the ‘street kitchen’-style section of Roti Chai has some sexy fried dishes on the menu – perfect for those times you need a little grease with your spice. Our favourite is the ‘Chicken Lollipops’, Keralan-spiced chicken wings so moreish you’ll need to make it clear to friends there will be NO SHARING.

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indian restaurants londonDishoom

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Dishoom and it won’t be the last (we just can’t resist the Irani café chain with branches in Covent Garden and Shoreditch). This is, however, the first shout out to the Vada Pau (essentially a Bombay version of a British chip butty). Best when sprinkled liberally with red ‘hillbilly’ Ghati masala and consumed like no one is watching.

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indian restaurants london Anise, Cinnamon Kitchen

The idea for this piece came from a rumour we’d heard about a Tandoori Grouse Nest Pizza at Anise’s brand new pop-up ‘Butcher Bar’ (which is running throughout game season). Thank god our sources were reliable because this, plus a carnivorous menu including Desi sticky pork ribs and Kolkata chilli chicken wings, sums up our point about modern Indian cooking perfectly…

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The Delhi GrillDelhi Grill

Sometimes one has to bend the rules slightly. So while The Delhi Grill from this much-applauded Indian canteen on Islington’s Chapel Market treads a more traditional path than some of the others, we still had to include it for its manly meat points. With two lamb chops, four chicken tikkas, and two sheikh kebabs it’s best to arrive hungry.

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It may be shocking that we’re including the Michelin-starred Benares in what is essentially a junk food round up, but please take into consideration Atul Kochhar’s ‘Khasta Murgh Chicken Tikka Pie, Wild Berry Chutney’ starter. Sure, you might have a little trouble just nipping in for one of these and a pint of lager, but that hasn’t stopped us trying.

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bhangra burger 1Bhangra Burger

There was no way we could even think of Indian dude food without mentioning the street-food genius that is Baba Gupta’s Bhangra Burger. Pretty much any of the epic patties on offer will hit the proverbial, but we have a particular soft spot for the Crazy Lamb Jalfrezzi Burger. Find them daaaan Dalston at Street Feast.

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