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We love Indian food. From light coconut curries in the South, to rich Lal Maas in the North, and some of the best vegetarian food in the world up and down the country.
Indian food is very easy to make at home and we have some fabulous recipes to get you started. But you need to get the basics right – so we’ve got them covered in our beginner’s guide to Indian cooking equipment.
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What to See

balti panBalti Dish

These pans are great for Indian cooking. They are very similar to traditional karahi pans, which are used all over India. You can cook curries, prepare tempers and even shallow fry in these awesome pans.

£7.50 John Lewis



pressure cookerPressure Cooker

It might look odd, but this is one of the best time-saving pieces of equipment you can buy to make Indian food. It can cook a chicken curry on the bone in 35 minutes, a fall apart lamb curry in 1 hour and

dals in the same time. It halves the cooking time.

Tefal Jamie Oliver £142 John Lewis


pestle and mortarPestle and mortar

Spices are integral to Indian cookery, so a pestle and mortar to grind whole spices is essential. While a spice grinder works a treat, you can’t beat a pestle and mortar, and the granite is the best for really bashing up the spices to a fine powder.

£14.99 Lakeland 


chapati panChapati Pan

This simple flat-based pan is the secret to the perfect chapattis and knockout roti. Roll out the dough, heat the pan, and you’re away.

Tefal Chapati Pan £17.99 Lakeland

spice jarsSpice Jars

Organise your spices with these vibrant spice jars so you know your cumin from your coriander. This will make your Indian cooking a breeze.

Freda Spice Jars £18 Habitat


Add a splash of Colour to the table with these wonderful bright plates. Laden them with rotis, rice, curries and pickles and you will have very happy diners.

Royal Doulton plates set of 8 £35 Heals



Indian food loves the spice and there are plenty to chose from. These are the basics, the ultimate 5, and the ones you can start with to make loads of dishes.

Ground cumin and whole cumin, to get different flavours, chuck the whole cumin into hot oil, before you start cooking your curries, for a wonderful earthy, nutty flavour. Ground coriander, turmeric for colour, chillli powder for a kick and garam masala, a blend of loads of spices to add a big flavour hit.

Barts Spices available at Waitrose

store cupboardStore cupboards

Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and garlic paste, an even mix of the two ingredients, is added in abundance to 99% of Indian dishes. The more the merrier here so don’t be shy.


The humble onion is the base for nearly all the gravies that make up a curry. Fry them gently in hot oil until golden to add a lovely sweet background flavour.

All available at Waitrose

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