In The Know with Kumar Mahadevan

Kumar & Suba Mahadevan

In The Know – travel notes from our favourite chefs.

Kumar Mahadevan and his wife Suba run Abhi’s and Aki’s restaurants, named after their sons, in Australia. Their stunning new book From India is out now.
  • What is your favourite city right now? Sydney.
  • Why do you love it? Great weather, great produce and the life it has afforded me.
  • Where do you refuel in the morning? I have my machiato at home with soft akoori (curried scrambled eggs).
  • Tell us a hidden gem? There is a Cantonese restaurant called Eaton in Ashfield, Sydney.
  • Where is the best market? I did like the market in Manila (Philippines).
  • Top street-food eat? Bhel Puri and Pani Puri’s.
  • Best place for a sunset drink? On the wharf at my restaurant AKI’s.
  • What restaurant do you book every time? I try and get recommendations from people rather than aiming for the ‘Top Rated’ venues.
  • Best spot for something sweet? Samir Abla Pastry does some great Lebanese sweets.
  • What gadget?  A camera is a must for my travels!
Kumar Mahadevan

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