How to use Jerk Paste

how to use jerk paste

Add a little spice to your weekend with Bart Ingredients Jerk Paste. Originating from the Caribbean jerk paste packs a real punch. It is full of fiery scotch bonnet chillies, warming ginger and heaps of aromatics, such as cloves and nutmeg.
The classic is jerk chicken, but there are loads of other inventive ways to use spicy jerk paste.
Try making a spicy chicken wrap with fresh cumin hummus

Smother a whole chicken in jerk paste and leave for a few hours so that the spices can work their magic. Rub the chicken with olive oil and roast in the oven until cooked. Serve with fresh mango salsa and a few chilled beers.

Brush  jerk paste all over cubes of lamb and crunchy vegetables, spiked onto a skewer. Grill until the lamb is charred on the outside and juicy and pink in the middle.

Mix a few tablespoons of jerk paste into a small bowl of good quality mayonnaise. Use as a dip for freshly cooked prawns and serve as a wonderfully casual starter.

Grill a rack of ribs on the BBQ until just cooked through. Brush with jerk paste and squeeze over some fresh lime juice. BBQ for a further 15 minutes until beautifully charred and tender.

Beat a tablespoon of jerk paste into softened butter and roll in cling film. Place in the fridge to set. Grill up a few lobster halves, and once nearly cooked, smoother with the spicy butter. Grill for a few minutes so that the spicy butter can melt into the lobster.

how to use jerk paste

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