Hottest Chilli Sauce – Tried and Tested

hottest chilli sauce

There is nothing that Mighty Spice Kitchen likes more than a good chilli sauce. They are a BBQ’s best friend and a summer dinner party must have.

You can’t beat that delicious spicy kick you get from a wondrous mouthful of food with a killer chilli sauce oozing over the top.  We decided to get our sweat on and round up the hottest chilli sauces. We looked for the sone with the most flavour and versatility so that you can get maximum usage – enjoy!

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What to See

hot chilli sauceChrist on a Bike

This is the new chilli sauce from the infamous Rib Man. It is freshly made and has a massive chilli kick – this is not for the faint-hearted people!! The sauce is packed full of thyme and scotch bonnets giving it the ultimate BBQ flavour.

Christ on a Bike £10 from The Rib Man

hottest chilli sauceSambal Oelek

A classic Malaysian condiment made with chillies and salt. This one is smoky and wonderfully hot. It is the perfect side for grilled satay and works really well mixed into a stir fry.

Malay Taste Sambal Oelek £2.25 from Waitrose

hottest chilli sauce Inferno Chilli Sauce

We loved this one. It is hot and sour with a lively kick – a real Caribbean style chilli blaster.  This is the kind of sauce you can slather on a burger with loads of onions and blue cheese or drizzle over jerk chicken for more heat!

Inferno Chilli Sauce £3.95 from Harvey Nichols

hottest chilli sauce Sriracha Chilli Sauce

This fantastic chilli sauce adorns the best tables across the world, spicing up noodles, stir fries and street-food snacks. It is one of MSK’s favourite chilli sauce and one you should all try.

Sriracha Chilli Sauce £2.78 from Asda

hottest chilli sauce Holy Fu@K

This chilli sauce is just amazing in every way. It is hot, well flavoured and smoky – it’s so good you just can’t help going back for more and more and more!! This is pulled pork’s best friend and sirloin steaks old mate. We loved this one!

Holy Fu@k  £5.00 from the Rib Man

hottest chilli sauce Gran Luchito

An unbelievable paste that smells of Mexico. It is really smoky and has just the right amount of sweetness. The thick paste has a wonderful heat that creeps up on you from the back of the mouth. This works so well as a base for stews and moles.

Gran Luchito £4.99 from Wholefoods


hottest chilli sauceWahaca Chilli de Arbol

Spicy, fresh and colourful, this is a great pour-over sauce from the new Wahaca range. It works well over BBQ’d meats or even as a base for a tangy couscous salad.

Wahaca Chilli de Arbol £1.99 Ocado

hot chilli sauce Eat the Bits Chilli Oil

This is South East Asian chilli heaven! This awesome chilli sauce is wonderfully nutty, salty and has a mild hint of chilli that developed on the palette. We loved this one and frankly ate it out of the jar with a spoon!

Eat the Bits Chilli Oil £4.95 from Tsuru Sushi

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