Hot Boy’s Red Hot Sauce

The Habanero Hot Boy Sauce is the new kid on the chilli sauce block. It’s smoulderingly spicy yet delicately flavoured, with a chilli kick that’ll blow you away. Naturally, we love it.

The Habanero Hot Boy sauce is the newest member of the GLORIOUS! food range: a deliciously thick red hot sauce, perfect for spicing up a chilli, chucking on some pasta, or even being used as a really concentrated salsa for tacos or burritos.

It’s made from a smooth blend of wickedly hot habanero and chipotle chillies, smoked paprika and tomatoes. Despite its heat, the Hot Boy maintains a subtle balance of flavours distinctive enough not to be overwhelmed by the brilliant warmth of the chillies.

Unlike many hot sauces, the Hot Boy doesn’t aim to blister the taste buds off your tongue, but to tickle them with its great, rich flavour and hearty chilli kick. Give it a go!

The Hot Boy £2 available nationwide 

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Habanero Hot Boy Pot

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