Hoisin Sauce – The Cheat Sheet


The thick and sticky sauce is used widely throughout Chinese cooking as a marinade, stir-fry sauce or as a condiment. It is usually a mixture of soya beans, vinegar, sugar, garlic, chillies and various spices, and its sweet nature lends itself as the perfect foil to rich meats like beef and duck. Take a look at our Chinese recipes here 

What to See

hoisin sauceWagamama Sticky Hoisin Stirfry and Marinade Sauce

This sharp and sweet sauce contains mustard and garlic perfect smothered over barbecued ribs.

£2.29, sainsburys.co.uk



hoisin sauceLee Kum Kee Hoi Sin Sauce

This is an authentic Chinese sauce that’s a great store cupboard keeper and goes great with shredded duck in pancakes.

£2.13, jansonhong.co.uk


hoisinWaitrose plum and hoisin stir fry sauce

Fresh ginger, garlic and plum characterise this little sachet of sauce that’ll pep-up any midweek stir fry.

£1.00, waitrose.com


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