HKK Restaurant

HKK Restaurant

HKK restaurant has taken Cantonese cuisine into the realm of fine dining and raised the bar of Chinese food in London.


The restaurant, which is on the borders of The City and Shoreditch, on Worship Street, was slick and fabulous. The inside was utterly impeccable; a small bar led the way to a neat, modern dining room that was centered around an old Chinese tea chest, which was used for a bit of food theatre on the duck course.

The food was as smart as the restaurant. We had a 15-course tasting menu that was like a high-end roller coaster of Chinese food. We started out with a fabulous plate of duck cooked 3 ways, expertly carved in the centre of the dining room. We had a piece of duck breast that was juicy and sweet, alongside a perfect duck roll and finally a piece of brilliantly crispy duck skin, with a swirl of sweet plum sauce. A tart salad cut through the richness of the meat and freshened up all those ducky flavors.

Next we were served a joyous little steamer filled with 3 delicate parcels of dim sum and a dipping sauce. This was hands down the best dim sum I have had in the UK. It was light and moist. The texture was just right, not too sticky or gelatinous and the fillings were really interesting; spicy lamb, prawn with mushroom and lobster.

After a palate cleanser of mooncakes and Oolong tea, we moved on to the mains. Lobster in a rich yellow bean sauce, which sat on a bed of fluffy egg whites and yogurt that offset the rich shellfish beautifully; chargrilled sea bass with wonderful wobbly fungus was next, followed by a piece of Australian abalone with asparagus in a thick sauce, which was a savoury delight. Seared wagu beef in a black truffle sauce was one of the most amazingly special stir frys I have had. And finally we had lamb served in a sesame case with slivers of peppers and onion, which sat in a hot clay pot that made the top of the dish move very delicately in the heat. It looked as elegant as it tasted.

We finished off the meal with a selection of desserts, including a wonderful pineapple fritter with salted lime jelly and vanilla ice cream, with more of the fabulous Oolong tea.

15 Course Tasting Menu at HKK restaurant £95

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