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hillfarm oils

We caught up with Hillfarm Oils to find out why we should all be using rapeseed oil and why the little yellow blooms are just so good for you.

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Sam Fairs and his family created the first batch of Hillfarm Oils in 2004 as the first UK farm to turn their own rapeseed into a premium oil. Growing rapeseed at Hillfarm in rural Suffolk has been part of the family’s way of life for 35 years. Back In 2004, Suffolk farmers, Sam and Clare Fairs started to explore the possibility of producing a culinary oil from their rapeseed crop on their family farm in Suffolk. The sunny-yellow farm just outside Halesworth is celebrating 10 years of their distinctive rapeseed oils and mayonnaise products.

Rapeseed oil is far more versatile than olive oil as Sam explains: “Its subtle flavour really comes into its own when it is used as a drizzle, a dip or in a dressing. When used for baking, roasting and frying it can transform the quality of the end product and its high heat point means its nutritional benefits are perfectly maintained.” Its high burn point of 220º makes it fantastic for roasting and frying, where olive oil will produce a cloud of smoke when you open the oven.

hillfarm oils

It also packs a pretty serious health punch – high in Omega 3, 6 and Vitamin E. When compared to other oils it comes up shining with 50 per cent less saturated fat than olive oil. Hillfarm Oils has found disciples in the likes of Mark Hix, who has said: “I’ve been a fan of rapeseed oil since I discovered Hillfarm Oils when writing my book British Regional Food. I’m still a big fan of its flavour, freshness and of course, that fantastically bright yellow colour.”

Hillfarm Oils will be launching some special packaging for their 10th year in shops this month.

For more information visit hillfarmoils.com

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