Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka


Discover a whole new side to Sri-Lanka with Bree Hutchins spectacular new cookbook.

Bree Hutchins has combined her passions of cooking and travelling to create an amazing window into the world of Sri-Lanka that the media certainly doesn’t cover. She’s gone behind the camera to capture life in the poverty stricken country, and as a result she’s written this amazing book full of authentic Sri-Lankan recipes and some beautiful stories about the people who opened there homes to her.

Bree truly explored the lives of native Sri-Lankans with no ifs and buts regarding locations. She’s been to prisons, army camps, Temples and many more kitchens that cook amazing food behind the countries very much closed doors.

This book is the perfect balance of recipes and narrative, so you know the history behind the delicious crab curry that Bree learnt how to make on the Jaffna Peninsula for a Hindu Feast. The fragrant fish curry Pol Roti was the dish she made with inmates in one of the most destitute districts in the country. This may sound dismal but in hindsight this curry is an absolute highlight for those who are the least fortunate and brings them together in the traditional cuisine of their beautiful country.

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Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka by Bree Hutchins, Published by Murdoch Books

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