Health Benefits of Ginger

health benefits of ginger

We explore the wonderful spicy root with our guide to the health benefits of ginger.

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We couldn’t live without ginger it’s at the heart of many curries and stir-fries, it’s even better chopped into matchsticks and sprinkled on top or even steeped into a delicious tea.

And now the fantastic news – ginger is really, really good for you. From promoting digestive health and curing nausea to helping give your circulation a little boost, this wonder root is a seriously healing food. Get some more ginger in your life and check out our health benefits of ginger.

Nausea A traditional remedy used to quell nauseous feeling has also recently found backing from modern research. If you’re feeling a little seasick chew on a piece of fresh root ginger to calm your stomach.

Digestion Known for aiding digestion ginger improves absorption of nutrients helping your body get the best out of your food. An after dinner ginger tea should do the trick.


health benefits of ginger

Joint pain One of the health benefits of ginger is that it has anti-inflammatory properties, so using ginger oil in a bath will help ease your aches and pains.

Cold relief Helping to decongest sinuses some fresh ginger stirred into hot water with lemon and honey will aid your recovery.

Circulation  Teas made with fresh root ginger are used to aid circulation and help warm hands and feet. An old wives’ remedy also suggests putting powdered ginger into slippers to warm feet on cold days.

Detox Ginger may promote healthy sweating which is essential to detoxification. Add some root ginger to your morning power smoothie.

Wind Apparently another benefit of ginger is that it acts as a carminative to reduce flatulence.

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