Health Benefits of Coconut Water

health benefits of coconut water

We’ve asked health blogger and health coach Laura Agar Wilson to delve into the wonderful health benefits of coconut water.


A great superfood for warmer days is coconut water, the clear, mildly sweet liquid contained within the coconut. Not to be confused with coconut milk (which is coconut flesh mixed with coconut water) it is fat free and low in calories. Coconut water is a great source of electrolytes such as potassium, which help to hydrate the body. This makes coconut water excellent for drinking during and after tough workouts.

Seek out brands with the plain versions rather than the ones with added fruit juice, as these are higher in sugar and calories. If you get your hands on a fresh young coconut and drink the water directly, that is even better. Fresh coconut water is not concentrated or pasturised so will contain all its natural enzymes that are supportive of detoxification and healthy digestion.

How to enjoy coconut water:

  • Instead of drinking your usual sports drink, try coconut water during and after your workout for added hydration and electrolytes.
  • Freeze coconut water in moulds to make refreshing and low-calorie ice lollies.
  • Instead of milk or water, try blending your smoothie with coconut water. Add 2 cups of coconut water to a banana and chopped pineapple with one cup of crushed ice and whizz in a blender until smooth.
  • If you like iced coffee, try making it super powered by adding coconut water instead of water to the espresso. The coconut water will give it a delicious flavour and counter the dehydrating effects of the caffeine.


health benefits of coconut water

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