Hawksmoor Knightsbridge


Hawksmoor Knightsbridge is the latest addition to the eponymous restaurant chain known for serving some of the best steak in London.

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The latest addition to the celebrated Hawksmoor chain is right round the corner from Harrods, and much like its siblings, the new Hawksmoor Knightsbridge is dripping in a unique charm that keeps its customers loyal.

An illuminated marble staircase descends to a chic lounge and bar, where ocre booths line the dark wood panelled walls. Further inside the uber stylish restaurant glows with great Gatsby-esque charm: dark leather couches line simple candle lit tables, whilst golden lamps glint from a central marble clad banquette.

Yes, Hawksmoor Knightsbridge is beautiful and exudes style, but don’t feel obliged to don the glad rags and polish the jewels. It’s chic but not pretentious. You can rock up in your jeans or work it in a tux and still fit right in.

The menu is in the same style as all of the Hawksmoor restaurants, with specially selected oysters, caviar and seafood, several cuts of the best juicy steak in the capital, as well as starters, mains and sides.

To start we sampled Hawksmoor’s Tamworth belly ribs, doused in a sticky glaze packed with Chinese spices that was just spicy enough to tingle on the tongue. The accompanying slaw packed a savoury punch with generous amounts of vinegar, making the crunchy side dish the perfect sharp addition to cut through the rich, sweet pork.

Next we had a classic steak tartare, made with the highest quality steak, sour gherkins and topped with a wobbling sun yellow egg yolk. Unfortunately for me this otherwise exquisite starter was a little too much on the piquant side, with a generous addition of chilli powder and raw onion. Even myself, a spice nut, was reaching for the water.

Mains started with a lobster roll that was overflowing with sumptuous lobster meat, drenched in a gleefully decadent shriracha sauce. All was perfect until, sacre bleu(!) a rather large chunk of shell was found halfway through devouring. It was a shame, as this would have been a wonderfully casual but elegant main if it weren’t for this minor discretion. A beautifully charred fillet of meaty monkfish came next, grilled and seasoned to perfection with punchy herbs and just a touch of warming black pepper: it was simple, sophisticated and delicious.

The star of the show, however, was undoubtedly the trio of side dishes. An oozing dish of macaroni cheese was a melting joy of pure decadence, laced with pungent blue cheese and perfectly al dente pasta. Spinach wilted with garlic was silky soft, and a potato dauphinoise-esque ‘Jansson’s Surprise’ was a creamy, anchovy spiked delight.

Already busting we decided to go light with the desserts and try the trio of Hawksmoor’s special ‘Rolo’s’, lovely little chocolate bites filled individually with gooey salted caramel, tangy passion fruit curd and a nutty walnut caramel. These and a few of the bars special cocktails were all that was needed to round off the evening. Hawksmoor, don’t ever change.

For more information visit thehawksmoor.com

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