Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate

hasslacher’s hot chocolate

Keep things healthy this winter with Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate.

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Winter has come! And as the nights get longer and colder most of us will be reaching for the nearest hot chocolate mix regardless of all those pesky calories. Enter cult Colombian brand Hasslacher’s, who with their 100% cacao flakes have set about making hot chocolate wholesome.

Packaged in handy stand up pouches and made from only the finest quality Criollo and Trinitario ‘Fino de Aroma’ beans, ethically sourced from local Colombian cacao farmers, Hasslacher’s hot chocolate has all of the niceness and none of the nasties of traditional ready-made mixes.

The ‘secret’ recipe contains no sugar, unlike most sickeningly sweet mixtures, making it perfect for fitness fanatics while those with a sweet tooth can still enjoy the nutty malt flavour – just add sweetener!

Simply melt two dessert teaspoons of the all natural cacao flakes into warm milk before whisking up a mug of delicious health conscious hot chocolate!

Pimp your cup with a drizzle of honey or sprinkling of spice, cayenne pepper works a treat, and if you’re feeling creative chuck a few spoonfuls into your chilli con carne for a Mole inspired winter warmer!

Hasslacher’s 100% cacao Colombian hot chocolate flakes pouches are now available from Sainsbury’s  


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