Greenland Ice Canyon

greenland ice canyon

Take in the breathtaking phenomenon that is the Greenland Ice Canyon.

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Spreading northwards from the centre of Greenland lies the Greenland  ice canyon, one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons in the world.

Lingering under the ice for millions of years this massive canyon has become completely frozen over with ice.  The scale of this natural wonder is believed to be around half a mile deep, six miles wide and stretches on for 466 miles beneath the surface of Greenland.

Covering an area larger than the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Greenland ice canyon is thought to have been carved into the landscape by the meanders of an ancient river that flowed towards the sea. This created huge chasms that penetrate the landscape and form the terrain of Greenland today.

As the ice melts annually, the massive canyon fills with water to create a visual map of what may lie underneath the endless white of the ice. Some areas gape open with huge blue rivers that cut through the landscape, whilst others stay underneath the surface to form stunning turquoise caves that fill with ice cold water as it pulses its way towards the coast.

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