Where To Go In October

where to go in october

October may be a month for pumpkins and rainy days on these shores, but elsewhere in the world the rains are clearing on mountain slopes, the leaves are resplendent in their autumn tones and the sun is shining on the sherry heartland of Spain.

What to See

where to go in octoberNew England

Autumn is nowhere so vividly painted than among the treetops of New England. Across Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont the landscape glows ochre, russet, wine red and brilliant gold and the month of October is the best time to catch the trees in all their burnished splendour. Only certain varieties of trees produce these vivid colours with red oaks and maples turning crimson, hickory and poplars yellow, the mountain maple a burnt orange and the sumac tree turning aubergine purple. New Englanders take their foliage very seriously and you can find updates on the best view spots and maps following the most stunning scenery on the websites below. Try hiring a car a cruising through the winding roads flanked by an artist’s

palette of red and gold.

For driving tours through New England go to

discovernewengland.org or visitnh.gov


where to go in octoberHimalayas

As October sees the heavy monsoon clouds say their goodbyes it becomes one of the best months to trek the Himalayas. It also offers a unique opportunity for photographers as the monsoon washes away dust and air impurities leaving unadulterated views of the majestic peaks. Whether you’re looking for a short foray up some mountain paths or a Hillary and Tenzig-style mission to the summit, you’ll find the scenery and spirit of the Himalayas both humbling and exhilarating.

For more information of walks and treks in the Himalayas visit themountaincompany.co.uk


where to go octoberSeville

The best time to visit Andalusia’s capital is after the searing hot days of the summer have abated and October sees daily temperatures decrease from 30 to 21 degrees. Seville will be a firm favourite with foodies, it’s in the heart of Moorish country so albondigas spiced with cumin and paprika are bound to turn up at the table, it’s also the home of flamenco and some spectacular Moorish architecture so take in some traditional culture while you’re there. If you really want an excursion to remember take the road from Seville south to Jerez de la Frontera to sherry country and sip your way around the old barrels of amber-hued and nutty fino, manzanilla and amontillado.

For more information visit http://www.spain.info


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