Where to go in November

where to go in november

November is a great month to escape the UK, whether you’re looking for a sunny hideaway, quick weekend break or a winter wonderland we’ve got it covered.

What to See

where to go novemberBern

This picture-postcard city in western Switzerland that’s as petite and charming as the cuckoo clocks made within it. The snaking river that winds through the city passed the historical architecture that is quintessentially Swiss, makes for pretty city walk. In November Bern is cold and crisp with the centuries old Christmas market rolling in to town.

For more information bern.com


where to go novemberMadeira

Floating way out in the Atlantic closer to the shores of Morocco than Portugal, Madeira is one of the last vestiges of summer sun before it slips of Europe’s radar entirely. It manages to maintain average temperatures in the twenties into November. The rugged terrain and cooler climate at this time of year make it a great destination for hiking and biking if you so chose, for the less energetic lazy fishing villages and beeches are plentiful.

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where to go novemberBarbados

November is a great time to go to Barbados before prices hike for the winter season in mid-December. The hurricane season tapers out in October, and you may have a few rainy days but it is far cheaper than in high season. Barbados’ five-star resorts and beautiful golden sands have been well versed but you can also take island safaris exploring the local flora and fauna, submarine trips that uncover the secrets of the underwater world and plenty of historic monuments to discover.

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