Gluten Free Recipes

gluten free recipes

Gluten free food has had a whole lot of publicity in recent years, with free from this and that popping up left, right and centre, and the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and her mates preaching the benefits of cutting out wheat in every magazine that will listen.
Whether wheat makes you feel less-than-sexy or you want to cut back on flour-filled-food we’ve got 10 delicious recipes that will help you along your gluten free way. Here’s our guide to the best gluten free recipes.
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What to See

gluten free recipesAubergine Bake

One of the big things you may miss when going gluten free is pasta, that classic Italian staple that seems to be at the heart of so many of our best loved dishes. This wonderful aubergine bake doused in rich herby tomatoes will kick your lasagne cravings with its silky texture and earthy Italian flavours.

Read full recipe here

gluten free recipesPaneer Fritters

Fritters tend to be a little bit of a gluten free no-no, as normally they’re fried in wheat flour to get that essential crispy finish. This delightful Indian inspired fritter recipe uses soy flour, which gives a lovely nutty flavour and gets that crunch spot on.

Read full recipe here

gluten free recipesKedgeree

Rice is a great way to add some good old-fashioned stodge to your gluten free diet. This incredible kedgeree recipe is one of our favourite gluten free meals, light on the calories but big on the flavour, with softly boiled eggs, smoky haddock and lots of fresh veggies. Ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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gluten free recipesSalt and Pepper Squid

Deep fried things are normally off the menu when you’re going wheat free, but this classic Chinese dish of salt and pepper squid is one tasty exception! Dredged in corn flour for a light batter, the seasoning speaks for itself in this lovely dish. Serve with some sweet chilli sauce for a spicy kick.

Read full recipe here

gluten free recipesSpanish Tortilla

One of the big issues for those going gluten free for the first time is that it can get pretty hungry! Fear not, we have a delicious Spanish tortilla recipe which is as tasty as it is filling, with salty ham, soft potatoes and lots of delicious warming spices. Serve as part of a gluten free tapas feast or for a weekend lunch!

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gluten free recipesGluten Free Chocolate Cake

Gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean indulgence free! This wonderfully light chocolate cake uses no wheat, giving it a delightfully mousse-y texture, making this delicious cake is perfect for any occasion. The ultimate guilt-free guilty pleasure.

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gluten free recipesCassava Cake

Cassava is a wonderful alternative to wheat flour, as it holds everything together wonderfully without going dry. These lovely little cakes are a perfect teatime treat to replace those flour-filled scones, just drizzle with sticky caramel sauce and enjoy your delightfully different cream tea.

Read full recipe here

gluten free recipesGluten Free Banana Bread

Banana bread is ultimate breakfast bread to get toasting before you head off for a long day at work. The fruit maintains a lot of moisture, eliminating the need for any gluten, all you need now is a smear of nutella and you’re good to go!

Read full recipe here

gluten free recipesGluten Free Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a classic dessert that everyone should be able to enjoy! This delicious recipe cuts out the wheat so every body can dive in and get their creamy, sweet indulgence on. Serve with a few raspberries for a fruity hit!

Read full recipe here

gluten free recipesSweetmeats with Dates and Nuts

When going gluten free fruit can be a great way to get your sweet-tooth fix. These lovely ‘sweetmeats’ have nothing to do with meat (rejoice!) but are in fact made from delicious dried fruits and nuts. The perfect cup of tea accompaniment.

Read full recipe here

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