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gluten free products

PERK!ER, a new brand of gluten free products, launches a range of breakfasts and treats.

Cook up a storm with this gluten free Carrot Cake 

Never miss-out again with gluten free products from PERK!ER. The new brand has launched a delicious range of breakfast porridges and cereal, as well as some saintly treats for people who can’t eat gluten.

Choose to start the day with porridge in golden syrup, apple, cinnamon and raisin, and fruity berry flavours or delicious and crisp Red Berry Flakes. Each breakfast is low in saturated fat, high in fibre and low GI as well as being completely gluten free.

For snacking on the go gluten intolerant people don’t usually have much choice. Pack some PERK!ER Rocky Road of Tiffin, which come in individual wrapped bars or sharing tubs. They are delicious chocolatey snacks free from gluten, wheat and eggs.

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gluten free products

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