Her chutneys and sauces have been well-loved favourites in British storecupboards for two decades, we catch up with Geeta Samtani.

Geeta’s is a brand well known to the supermarket shelves, which has become synonymous in our consciousness with good quality and classic Indian favorites from mango chutney to bottled sauces and two-step spice and stir.

Geeta’s own personal journey from India to the UK has inspired the tastes and flavours she puts into her recipes. “I was born in India and learnt to make authentic Indian dishes including chutneys and pickles from recipes handed down through generations of my family,” explains Geeta. “My husband and I moved to Trinidad in the Caribbean in the late 1960s as my husband was very much involved in the Bollywood film industry there. Mango trees were plentiful in our home garden, and during the mango season we had an abundance of the delicious, tropical fruit. Following visits from India from my mother and mother-in-law, I learnt to make the traditional family mango chutney recipe.”


It was then natural that Mango Chutney should be the first product that Geeta sought to share with the world. “The first batch of my mango chutney was made to the traditional, family recipe and was very popular with friends, family and neighbours who I’d give the jars to year after year until it became an annual tradition. Geeta’s Premium Mango Chutney is still our flagship product and we have grown the range to include varieties such as Mango & Chilli and Lime & Chilli Chutney.” The first Premium Mango Chutney hit supermarket shelves in 1990.

The range expanded from those simple beginnings and includes an impressive range from regional Goan sauces, to Tandoori Marinade and the flavourful spice and stir, which include a dry spice mix to fry with meat and vegetables before stirring through the liquid sauce. Geeta’s always provides authenticity, which stems from her commitment to research, she says: “I make regular trips to India for recipe inspiration and to keep up with trends.”

“We’ve recently expanded our range with a mouth-watering selection of curry pastes especially for our 20th anniversary to celebrate our anniversary, we have also given our range an exciting new turquoise look, to really encapsulate the essence of India and the bright jewel colours it’s famous for.” And with Geeta constantly experimenting in her kitchen there may well be more flavours and spice combinations to come from Geeta’s.

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