French and Grace #streetfood

french and grace
french and grace What – Eastern Med mezze and wraps
When – From supper club queens to restaurateurs
Where – Brixton Market

French and Grace all began when Ellie and Rosie met up on Mondays looking for something healthy to eat after Soca aerobics classes. Healthy salads were on the mind, and after being disappointed with what was available a supper club swiftly followed.

The girls laid-back style of super healthy food, which dips into Turkey, Lebanon and the Middle East, was so popular with the punters that a restaurant in Brixton Market followed suit.

french and grace French and Grace has been inspired by the fabulous flavours of the eastern Mediterranean, which are all available in Brixton Market – gotta love that place! Pomegranates, mint, aubergines and spicy chorizo play a big part, working their magic together in fabulous wraps and mezze.

French and Grace serve up fabulous lamb or halloumi wraps, with loads of fresh salad, pickled chilles, mint and pomegranates. They also make one of MSK’s favourite Turkish dips, Muhammara, which is made with walnuts and chillies. The food is all fresh, spicy and healthy, although the latter is almost by accident.

French and Grace are opening a new take-away hatch in Camden Lock market this September.  


photo copy 6Catch French and Grace this summer

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