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Freedom Food

Today marks the beginning of Farm Animal Week, Freedom Food’s brilliant initiative to raise awareness for farm animal welfare in the UK. So, in addition to the wonderful recipes from the Freedom Food cookbook we’ve laid on for you, we’re going to tell you a little bit about what they do!

Launched in 1994, the RSPCA started Freedom Food with the aim of raising the standard of livestock welfare in the UK. Since then it has grown to be of invaluable importance in the fight against animal cruelty, with its seal of approval being renowned as a true mark of quality livestock care. They provide a definitive list of welfare requirements for each of the nine commonly farmed UK animals, and will only approve of farms that adhere to each and every point.

With the number of farmed animals in the UK ever increasing, we believe it is crucially important for the highest standards of care to be maintained in farming, and of course, for us all to know exactly where our food comes from; particularly in the wake of the rather disturbing horse meat scandal!

That’s why we urge you to take part in their ‘switch one for welfare’ trial, by switching one of your meat products to the Freedom Food alternative. Sainsbury’s will even be donating 5p from the sale of certain products to the RSPCA, so that your meal will make you feel as good as it tastes!

For more information on Freedom Food visit freedomfood.co.uk
and don’t forget to switch one for welfare this week!

Watch out for great freedom food recipes appearing on the site throughout the week!

Freedom Food

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