The Rib Man #streetfood

The Rib Man #streetfood

the rib man The Rib Man pork sandwich is somewhat legendary and his Holy Fu@K sauce is the best chilli sauce you can buy. The sandwiches are not for the faint-hearted and I have seen grown men cry, actual tears, when they messed with his ‘Scorpion Sauce.’

Unlike most ‘pulled pork’ sandwiches, Mark does not use traditional shoulders, he uses rib meat – get it, ribman! He loves the bone to meat ratio, ensuring ‘plenty of juicy tasty bone marrow for the rib meat to cook in, making the meat tender and juicy.’ The result is quite simply one of the best pork sandwiches in the land – we love them!

The Rib Man came about after punters found it easier to shout Rib Man, rather than ‘ribs and rubs’ at Marks’s late night Brick Lane stall, where he can still be found making punters happy on a Sunday.

The Rib Man is one of the big personalities in the London street food scene. People love his ribs and that Holy Fu@k hot sauce. Mark recently cleaned up on Kickstarter, and as a result will be converting a shipping container into the Rib Man HQ, complete with fridge the rib man and kitchen. This means more ribs and way more Holy Fu@k sauce – wholesalers watch out!

Catch Rib Man this September

  • KERB on Thursdays
  • Friday nights @streetfeastLDN in Dalston
  • Sundays on Brick Lane

 For more information visit

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