Flavoured Mayonnaise – The Cheat Sheet


Flavoured mayonnaise is a great accompaniment or dip to lots of yummy things. But we don’t all have the time to be whisking-up yolks with a dash of vinegar and a sprinkle of herbs. Well luckily there are loads of great options out there, so here is our cheat sheet for the best flavoured mayonnaise.


Aioli is basically a posh word for mayonnaise, and this is one of the best shop bought varieties you can buy. It is very creamy and is spiked with garlic and basil to give wonderful flavour.

£1.19 Asda


Lemon Mayonnaise

Lemon mayonnaise is a hard one to master and get just the right amount of lemon flavour. This variety from Waitrose has the perfect balance of smooth mayo with a lovely lemony tang. It is perfect on a simple piece of grilled fish.

£1.15 Waitrose


Caramalised Onion Mayonnaise

We couldn’t write a feature on mayonnaise without mentioning Hellman’s. Their caramalised onion mayonnaise has a lovely sweet taste and is the best burger sauce you can get.

£1.89 Tesco



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