Flat Iron Pops up at Ember Yard

flat iron steak restaurant soho

Cunning cuts of smokey beef as Flat Iron pop’s up at Ember Yard in Soho

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Steak superhero’s Flat Iron are popping up at Ember Yard (which if you don’t know get involved now) for one night only on Tuesday 7th October.

Flat Iron’s menu will feature ten different cuts of Dexter beef from their very own herd in Yorkshire.

Using all their smoking skills, the Ember Yard chefs have worked with Flat Iron to come up with a unique variety of techniques to smoke and grill unusual cuts of meat.

The delicious menu includes grilled cuts of Dexter beef with beef dripping potatoes and smoked butter; succulent slow cooked short ribs and shin with wild mushroom polenta and cavolo nero.

To book contact Ember Yard on 0207 439 8057 or email info@emberyard.co.uk

For more information visit flatironsteak.co.uk

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