Fajita Seasoning – The Cheat Sheet

Get some friends round this weekend and spice things up with some easy fajitas. These flavour-packed seasonings will have you in the fiesta spirit quick as a flash.

Spice and Tice Fajita Seasoning

A mix of paprika, cumin and oregano with some added chipotle smokiness, this little seasoning packet will give your tortilla rolls a real Mexican authenticity.

£1.99, ocado.com

Bart Fajita Seasoning

Mainly chilli, oregano and paprika, sprinkle this over your chicken and vegetables and put some real fire in your fajitas.

£4.00, tesco.com

Asda Chosen by You Cooking Paste Fajita

A paste rather than a dry seasoning, but this means you don’t have to add extra oil. This has a tomatoey flavour with a kick from some habanero chillies.

£1.68, asda.com


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