Mars goes Fairtrade

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Coming to a shelf near you soon is a new Fairtrade Mars Bar with shiny ethical credentials.

Mars. Inc, despite being a huge global conglomerate, has shown great initiative in being the first UK based company to commit to Fairtrade’s new Cocoa Sourcing Programme.

Having already paved the way to ethical and sustainable sourcing by making Malteasers Fairtrade, Mars is now going one large step further and making its signature product comply with all Fairtrade guidelines.

The Fairtrade Cocoa Programme, which was launched last year in collaboration with Mars Germany for their Twix bar, aims to improve opportunities for cocoa farmers, and support efforts to improve these agricultural communities’ livelihoods.

Under this new initiative, Mars is not only paying Fairtrade Premiums to agricultural organisations, but also working with them on the ground to create projects that improve cocoa yields for the long run, through measures like better training, and teaching about how to more effectively use fertilisers and disease resistant crops.

We support anything that improves the lives of people in the food industry, so from us it’s a big bravo to Mars!

More information on Mars’ Sustainable Cocoa Initiative can be found at


Words by Patrick Hamilton Courtney, follow him on Instagram @patrickcourtneyldn or twitter @pcourtneyldn

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