The Fable – Restaurant and Bar Opening

the fable

New restaurant The Fable is adding a touch of magic in Farringdon with its fairy-tale themed eatery.

the fableOnce upon a time there was a restaurant brimming with magic and wonderment, with books lining the walls, glinting candelabras, sparkling cocktails and heaping plates of delicious food. No it’s not a fairy tale, it’s the awesome new Farringdon restaurant The Fable, Drake and Morgan’s brand new venture that’s covered floor to ceiling in fairy dust.

Don’t expect fluffy pink seats or Tinkerbell behind the bar, but rather a spacious three-floored restaurant come florist with floor to ceiling windows and cool quirky décor. Taking inspiration from fantasy stories like Aesop’s fables and the Grimms brothers, this awesome meeting place is literally fantastic!

On the refreshment front they’ll be serving up bright fruity cocktails, with sharing drinks being served in bathtubs for parties. For food they have enormous sharing plates dotted with flora and sprinkled with soft herbs, hearty main courses and decadent brunches for the weekend. Happy ever after indeed!

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