Exmoor Caviar

exmoor caviar

Caviar has earned a bit of a reputation as posh nosh, commonly served atop a fluffy blini or with a glass of ice cold vodka. But what really is so special about those elusive little black pearls that are so popular amongst the rich and famous?
All caviar is made by salt curing fish eggs, ranging from the bright orange roe or salmon to the far more popular black sturgeon variety. This famous caviar is sourced from the Caspian Sea, the relatively small body of water on the border of Russia, hence the countries famous affiliation with this delicious delicacy.
Despite Russia’s status as caviar capital of the world, the country does not have exclusivity over the delectable sturgeon eggs; in fact even Britain is producing amazing caviar right out of the fresh waters of Exmoor.
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Exmoor Caviar is Britain’s first (and only) caviar producer, and it’s fair to say its innovative farm, in the heart of Devon, is producing some of the best, and most ethical caviar us Brits could hope to get our hands on.

Celebrated by chefs and connoisseurs alike, Exmoor Caviar has a unique clean taste that can only come from unrivalled expertise. Not only does this caviar taste incredible, it also pride’s itself on giving its fish the best life possible.

Exmoor Caviar ensures that they get the best quality product by excruciatingly monitoring the environment the fish live in. This means undertaking huge tasks, like replenishing the farm with 40-million litres of Exmoor Spring water every day and controlling the temperature to keep it cool, so that there is no risk of unnatural ‘hot-housing’- this is when the fish literally overheat.

The fish are left to grow naturally, allowing the flavours of the roe to develop organically with no additional nasty stuff. Once the caviar has been extracted, it is washed in clean spring water, before resting to allow it to mature and get the best texture and flavour.

The caviar is then separated for salting, to create Exmoor’s two signature varieties: Cornish sea salt and Hebridean. The two caviars showcase completely different flavours, so be mindful of how you serve both! The Cornish is smooth and delicate, making it perfect to enjoy on it’s own. The Hebridean variety is much stronger, so can be paired with other ingredients easily. We suggest serving it with a small buckwheat pancake and a generous smear of cream cheese, and a chilled glass of vodka is should defiantly be on the side.

For more information visit exmoorcaviar.com

exmoor caviar

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