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eurovision party

The Eurovision Song Contest is back baby! The sparkly costumes are out ready to welcome singing stars from across the continent belting out confusing lyrics and wacky dance moves.
Britain may be expecting our standard nil points, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate this weird competition in all its glory. If you’re hosting a Eurovision party then snacks are of course in order, with handheld nibbles being a necessity for when the dancing starts and a killer cocktail needed for commiseration when the winners are announced.  Here’s our guide to Eurovision party food.
Pour yourself a drink with your guide to the top 10 cocktails

What to See

eurovision partyBaba Ganoush

This delicious Middle Eastern dip is guaranteed to add a little spice to your Eurovision party, served simply with warm flatbreads and a freshly mixed g and t.

 Read full recipe here

eurovision partyPrawn Tostadas

Perfect for a fiesta, these prawn tostadas pack a spicy punch and an addictive crunch, making them the best party snacks possible.

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eurovision partyPork Skewers

There’s no better finger food than the humble skewer, and these delicious pork skewers are definitely our top choice for a Eurovision party with a spicy Spanish sauce.

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eurovision partySesame Prawn Toast

These crunchy little beauties are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and are surprisingly easy to make. Get them ready before the weirdest-dressed contestant comes on!

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eurovision partyChorizo Quesadillas

Like delicious little toasted sandwiches, these lovely quesadillas are packed with oozy cheese and spicy chorizo.

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eurovision partyBeef Fajitas

Fajitas are the perfect sharers for a big party, as everyone can just dive in and take what they want. These steak fajitas are ideal for a big night in laughing at all those inevitably dreadful hair do’s.

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eurovision partyPaneer Fritters

What could be better for a party than some fried cheese? Absolutely nothing we say, especially when the cheese in question is a deliciously gooey paneer spiked with spices and coriander.

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eurovision partyClassic Margarita Cocktail

Wine is not on the cards for Eurovision. You need a kick ass cocktail to get you through all those dodgy dance moves, and this margarita fits the bill perfectly.

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eurovision partyCaramel Shortbread

Just because it’s a party doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert! Caramel shortbread is the ideal finger food dessert, and is surprisingly easy to make.

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eurovision partySpanish Churros

Churros are kind of long and spindly doughnuts, deep-fried until crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle, served with a smooth chocolate sauce and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Need we say anymore?

Read full recipe here

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