Elephant Gin

We catch up with new gin brand Elephant Gin, which is inspired by African botanicals and has the conservation of animals close to its heart

Elephant Gin is a new and entirely unique concept for the gin market. Set up by Robin Gerlach and Tessa Wienker, Elephant Gin is a handcrafted London Dry Gin that’s infused with 14 unusual African botanicals giving it a rare flavour.

Robin and Tessa were inspired by travelling through Africa and they wanted to create a product that would help conservation trusts in Africa, to this end 15% of the profits of Elephant Gin are donated to Space for Elephants Foundation and the Big Life Foundation. “Elephants are core to us and the reason why Elephant Gin came into existence,” explains Robin. “With the product, we want to reach as many people as possible to make them aware of the situation in Africa and the great work foundations are already doing with the aim to preserve the wild animals for future generations so that they also may enjoy them as we did when we travelled in Africa”.

The gin is made in small batches distilled in a traditional copper still with Baobab, Buchu, African wormwood, cassia bark,

elephant gin

mountain pine needles and apples. “The use of African botanicals has never been used in a gin before and the use of apples as the third largest ingredient is unusual,” says Robin. “African Wormwood introduces a sharp floral note, as found in a vermouth. The Baobab acts as an equivalent of a lemon note with its citrus flavour. Buchu adds a blackcurrant-like note. Overall the African botanicals add a layer of complexity to the gin that gives it the length but also the different character that can best be sampled if you try the gin straight and then afterwards with a small dash of water.”

The gin has a distinctive custom-made bottle with a beautiful old-fashioned label tipping its hat to the history of gin and its association with Africa. Each batch of gin is named after elephants that Elephant Gin’s partners protect. Elephant Gin is a spirit that not only has an eye on the bigger picture but one that also brings a whole new flavour profile to the G&T glass.

For more information visit elephant-gin.com

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