Eat Istanbul by Andy Harris and David Loftus

eat istanbul

Andy Harris and David Loftus are back with the their new cookbook ‘Eat Istanbul’.

Try your hand at Turkish cuisine with their incredible perdeli pilav, a chicken and pilav rice pie

Andy Harris and David Loftus made their way into our cookbook library with their Moroccan food bible ‘A Month in Marrakesh, and now they’re back with a new instalment covering all things Turkish with the awesome ‘Eat Istanbul’.

This new culinary collaboration is full to the brim with wonderful photography from David, thought provoking insights from food and travel writer Andy, and of course loads of incredible recipes bursting with tradition and authentic flavour.

Andy has made it his personal mission to explore Turkey to its fullest, insuring that all the recipes are exacted to perfection. He’s made sure to leave no stone left unturned when it comes to eating in Istanbul, venturing into smaller communities to try every regional speciality, every family recipe and everything else the Turkish kitchen could possibly offer.

All day eating is covered in ‘Eat Istanbul’, with chapters dedicated to breakfast, street food and snacks, vegetables and pulses, meat and poultry, fish and seafood and of course desserts. Now thats  something we can certainly get our teeth into!

Start your day with classic baked eggs, either traditionally done in cinnamon scented onions or on a rich bed of silky wilted spinach. For an absolute show stopper of a dish you’ve got to try the perdeli pilav (much more exotic sounding than its English translation ‘chicken and rice pie’) a sort of upside down rice cake laced with tender spiced chicken and baked until golden. Served up with a simple side dish of boiled borage (page 90, just so you know) and you’re onto a winner!

eat istanbul

Eat Istanbul by Andy Harris and David Loftus.

Published by Quadrille Publishing Ltd

Available on Amazon

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