Easy Healthy Recipes for the Summer

easy healthy recipes

Eat Travel Live is all over easy healthy recipes this summer – we love anything that tastes great and is kind to our waistline.
We have searched ETL’s recipes to bring you the best selection of easy healthy recipes, which all taste amazing and won’t leave you feeling disappointed. From peachy panzanella to light soy dressed chicken noodles we’ve got summer covered. 
Take it outside this summer with our guide to outdoor dining.

What to See

easy healthy recipesChicken Noodle Salad

This wonderfully light chicken noodle salad has a deliciously salty soy sauce spiked dressing, taking it from a simple salad to a lunchtime delight.

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easy heathy recipesApricot and Pistachio Tabule

Tabule is a typical Middle Eastern dish often served on the side of rich stews to mop up all the juices. This apricot and pistachio version is so packed with fruit and nut you can serve it on its own this summer with a simple grilled chicken breast.

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easy healthy recipesSalmon Sashimi

Anything sushi inspired is perfect for summer, as its light, fresh and full of flavour. A wonderful salmon sashimi is just the ticket for a Japanese lunch in the sun, so get those chopsticks out!

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easy healthy recipesChicken Wraps with Hummus

What could be better for lunch in the park than a delicious chicken wrap? This one is coated with rich spicy harissa and slathered in nutty, creamy hummus. Need we say more?

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easy healthy recipesDuck Salad with Watermelon

Duck is just one of those meats that goes so well with fruit, as its richness can take a lot of sharp sweetness. This salad is such an easy summer recipe, as all you have to do is roast a few duck legs, shred them when they’re cool and chuck them in with some juicy watermelon.

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easy healthy recipesSpanish Rice with Pork, Spinach and Broad Beans

Replacing white rice with brown is a super simple way to lighten up any meal, making this Spanish rice with pork a perfect summer recipe. Tender pork, nutty brown rice and fresh popping broad beans all in one bowl! All you need now is some sunshine…

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easy healthy recipesPeachy Panzanella

To be honest this panzanella is so good you could eat it all year round, but we especially love it in summer. The peaches are made even sweeter when grilled, making them unbelievably moreish with tangy tomatoes, fragrant basil and loads of grilled bread to soak up all the delicious juices.

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easy healthy recipesSea Bass ceviche

Ceviche is a real crowd pleaser when the sun is shining, as its refreshing citrus flavours and delicate wafers of fish make it the perfect starter to a dinner party or bbq. We particularly love this uber on trend Peruvian sea bass variety, guaranteed to impress with its spicy zingy flavours.

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easy healthy recipesLamb Kofta

Kofta is a little like a healthy version of kebab, making it the best Friday night dinner ever when summer comes around. Get your mates round, crack open a few beers and tuck into tender lamb patties, warm flatbreads and enough sauce and dips to make the whole thing suitably messy.

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easy healthy recipesHoney Frozen Yoghurt

A frozen dessert is the ultimate summer indulgence, but we know that if you’re looking out for your bikini body then three scoops of full fat ice cream ain’t gonna cut it. This honey frozen yoghurt is the perfect solution, full of all that creamy sweet flavour but none of the calories. Pass me a cone!

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