Easy Cocktails from Master of Malt

Summer is a time of parks and picnics; cricket and drinks. Packing up the sarnies and salads is easy, but tackling alfresco drinks can be a hassle- especially if, like us, you’re partial to a good cocktail.

So, when heading out for brunch on a blanket or dinner on a deck chair, why not outsource the messy stuff with some exceptionally easy cocktails from the marvellous Master of Malt?

Master of Malt has a range of delicious, perfectly blended vintage drinks on offer to quench your thirst for a classic classic cocktail at a moment’s notice. From their smooth Gin Martini and classic Manhattan, to their sweet, spicy and strong World’s Best Cocktail; Master of Malt truly have nailed the concept of the premixed cocktail.

But these aren’t your ordinary ‘gin in a tin’ premixes, no no, these cocktails demand respect. Give them a glass, serve them cold, and savour- it’s the right thing to do. Drink them on a picnic or at home (should you not be gifted with a mini bar/ the inclination to be faffing with limes all evening), and soak up the evening rays. You’re welcome.

For more information visit masterofmalt.com

master of malt
master of malt

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