Easy Cocktails – The Cheat Sheet

easy cocktails

When the weekend rolls around there’s nothing better than a refreshing cocktail to get the party started. But buying all those different spirits, cordials and mixers can add up to a large bill and a big mess when the nights over.

Luckily there are some delicious pre-made options that are lighter on the wallet and require nothing but a twist of the lid. Here’s our cheat sheet for easy cocktails.

Frozen Raspberry and Pulsed Pear Cocktail

A bit like a grown up slush puppy, just pop this lovely fruity mix in the freezer for a few hours then when the time comes tip out this delicious cocktail into a chilled glass.

£4.99 Ocado 


A classic cocktail perfect for a fiesta, all this ready-made margarita needs is to be poured over crushed ice and served with sharp wedges of lime.

£5.75 Tesco 

Gin and Cucumber

This is not just ‘gin-in-a-tin’. This lovely combination from Gordon’s has a lovely refreshing tang from cooling cucumber that just calls out for ice and a slice.

£1.90 Waitrose

easy cocktails
easy cocktails
easy cocktails

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