Easy Baking Recipes

easy baking recipes

It’s back baby! The Great British Bake Off is the show that inspired us all to dust off the mixer, whack on the oven gloves and get involved, and as such we think it’s time to get baking again!
We’ve got the definitive guide for the best baking recipes, from jean splitting layer cakes to classic scones from Queen Mary Berry herself, you’ll always have something prepared to bake along with the contestants this year. Here’s our guide to the best easy baking recipes.
Can’t get enough of baking? Here’s an extra little recipe for you, delicious chocolate malt cake!

What to See

easy baking recipesSalted Butter Caramel Cake

Trying to impress someone? Well let me tell you, this is the cake to make when you’re out to show off your baking skills. A wonderfully gooey layered cake of intensely rich chocolate, sweet oozing caramel and a dash of salt to make the whole thing just that little bit more mouth watering. Any one you cook this cake for will instantly fall in love with you. Fact.

Read full recipe here

easy baking recipesMini Pavlovas with Blackberries

The Pavlova is the ultimate test of any bakers skill, as the egg whites have to be whipped to the perfect amount of stiffness to achieve that chewy, light meringue texture. Luckily for us that baking mad John Whaite has created the perfect recipe for little meringues with a juicy, boozy blackberry sauce, guaranteed to please every time.

Read full recipe here 

easy baking recipes Queen of Puddings

From Great British Baker himself Paul Hollywood, this queen of puddings recipes really takes the crown (sorry). The base of these delightful little meringue puddings is a super simple baked custard, which is then topped with jam and little peaks of meringue. Bakings never been cuter!

Read full recipe here 

easy baking recipesSemolina Cake with Figs

Semolina cake is a fantastic alternative to using wheat flour, as it creates a lovely crumbly cake that doesn’t fall apart when sliced. This particularly lovely golden cake is topped with figs, which caramalise when in the oven to give a toffee like flavour.

Read full recipe here

easy baking recipesEasy Banana Cake with Whiskey

Cake AND booze, what could be better, right? This delicious banana cake is super simple to make, with lots of sweet fruit, punchy whiskey and mounds of whipped cream. For a real show stopper bake the cake in a bundt pan and pile all that cream in the middle.

Read full recipe here

easy baking recipesGinger Chocolate Cupcakes

The Hummingbird Bakery certainly know a thing or two about baking, especially when it comes to their speciality cupcakes. They’re recipe for ginger chocolate cupcakes is one you’ll bake again and again, with lusciously rich chocolate, creamy frosting and heaps of spicy sweet ginger.

Read full recipe here

easy baking recipesFruit Scones

All hail Mary Berry and her baking amazingness! The queen of cake can bake just about anything, and we think her fruit scones are no exception. Crumbly scones packed with dried fruit, these scones are a British classic, it would be a crime to eat them with anything other than jam and lashings of clotted cream.

Read full recipe here

easy baking recipes Lemon Pound Cake

A lovely lemon pound cake from Lorraine Pascal is the perfect thing to serve at a picnic, afternoon tea… any time really! Glazed with syrup to add sweetness to the tangy loaf, its simply beautiful served up in slices with a nice cuppa.

Read full recipe here

easy baking recipesChocolate Brownies

Oh brownies, those ooey gooey chocolate bars always just on the right side of squidgy, we can’t think of anything better to go with a cup of coffee and a good chat. Packed with delicious melting white chocolate chips they’re the living embodiment of naughty but nice!

Read full recipe here

easy baking recipesGluten Free Banana Bread

Gluten free baking can be a little like Russian roulette in the kitchen, as you’re never sure which recipes are going to produce the perfect fluffy bake. This banana bread uses no wheat, as there’s enough moisture in the fruit to keep the loaf moist and delicious. Spread a little Nutella over a slice for the ultimate cheeky breakfast.

Read full recipe here

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