Easter Recipes

easter recipes

Cook up a storm this Easter with one of these fantastic Easter recipes. From simple roast chicken to a wonderful baked sea bass, we have you covered with out top 10 Easter recipes, all with the a little Eat Travel Live twist.
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What to See

easter recipesSaffron Roast Chicken with Jewelled Cous Cous

For a posh Easter lunch with a Middle Eastern twist this chicken dish is perfect.

The saffron adds a gorgeous golden colour and fragrance, and the fruit in the cous cous lends a lovely sweetness. It is a prefect easy Easter recipe.

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easter recipesSlow Cooked Pork With Apples

This delicious alternative roast is a one pot delight, leave it to cook slowly in the oven, sit back and relax.

The apples break down with the cider to create a wonderfully appley sauce perfect for the tender pork.

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easter recipesRack Of Lamb

If you’re not in the mood to cook a whole joint this Easter, then this recipe is perfect.

These juicy beauties are lovely and light, with a fresh white bean salad, meaning you’ll have a lot more room for Easter eggs later.

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easter recipesRoasted Chicken in Red Wine

This rich red wine chicken has all the flavours of a traditional coq au vin but with half the effort.

The wine and chicken juices create one the most flavourful gravies possible, and the chicken remains delightfully tender.

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easter recipesWild Thyme Chicken

Thyme is the perfect spring herb, fresh, bright and full of flavour.

This griddled roast chicken is doused in the thyme, creating lots of floral flavour and of course making your whole house smell incredible.

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easter recipesBBQ Lamb With Honey

If the sun is shining over the weekend, it’s the perfect excuse to get the BBQ out and cook this Easter recipe.

This delicious BBQed lamb is smothered in sweet honey, peppery mustard and fragrant rosemary, and all these gorgeous flavours intensify when charred on a smoky grill.

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easter recipesSea Bass Fillet with Braised Fennel

Easter doesn’t have to be all about a big joint of meat roasted with potatoes and veggies.

For a lovely light Easter lunch these sea bass fillets are delicious. On top of tender braised fennel that has a light aniseed flavour, which compliments the fresh fish delightfully.

Read full recipe here

easter recipesSachertorte

This is the ultimate Easter dessert recipe, a sachertorte, gleaming with a wicked ganache.

It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure and perfect for the Easter holiday, especially if you’ve given up the cocoa for Lent!!

Read full recipe here

easter recipesWhite Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

Creamy, sweet, fruity… need we say more?

This delicious cheesecake has got it all for an Easter dessert recipe. It’s easy to make in advance so no need to worry about it on the day and looks gorgeous with its bright-red swirl of juicy raspberries.

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easter recipesMalt Chocolate Cake

Decadence has never looked so tempting than this ultimate chocolate malt cake. Three layers of sponge cake sandwiched with rich white chocolate icing and topped with delicious little Malteasers.

Take your time over this Easter dessert recipe and make sure you get a slice as it will disappear quick!

Read full recipe here 

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