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dosa deli

Husband and wife team, Amy and Kristian, shared a passion for Indian street food, after travelling extensively together. Knowing how popular Indian cuisine was in the UK, they decided to pimp up the dosa and launch Dosa Deli.

A dosa is a South Indian pancake, traditionally made from rice and a lentil called urad dhal. After working their way through hundreds of recipes and trying different techniques they had a eureka moment and perfected the ultimate dosa.

dosa deli

dosa deli “The batter should have a good balance of rice to urad dhal, lightly fermented at the perfect temperature; the dosa should be cooked at the right temperature, not too hot or it will burn or too cold it won’t peel off the pan; and lastly it should taste light and crispy.”

Dosa Deli, in true street food style, sell 1 thing utterly brilliantly – Goan Paneer Dosa Wrap, with shredded paneer cheese, crispy onions, sweet peppers and a spicy Goan masala; served up with home-made chutneys. They are delicious and the date and tamarind chutney is a triumph!

Dosa Deli have had a hell of a summer and they are about to head off to tranquil India for a break. We are hoping a few new dosa’s might come back with them.


dosa deli Catch Dosa Deli this September  

    • Thames Festival on the Southbank
    • St John’s Hill Food Festival
    • Farnham Food Festival
    • Paradise Harvest Food Festival in Kensall Rise
    • UCL’s welcome festival
    • Kings Cross KERB on a Tuesday
    • Brockley Market

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