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discount ski ware - aldi ski ware

Discount ski ware just got easy with the new Aldi skiware range 

If you are hitting the slopes this season and it looks like you have blown your budget on flights and a kick ass chalet before you remembered ski ware, never fear (and I never thought I would ever say this) Aldi is here with its own range of discount ski ware

The Germen superstore has just launched its own ski range at the most competitive prices on the market. Unisex ski jackets cost a mere £19.99 and salopettes £16.99. The range also covers, socks, gloves, thermal, helmets and even radios, all available for adults and children.

You can actually get an entire adult ski wardrobe of Aldi ski ware for under £85! That’s a jacket, pair of trousers, gloves, helmet, pair of socks, goggles and thermals.

Whilst not being designer style, the Aldi men’s ski jacket is really warm and functional, with a fleece lining, ventilation openings, arm seals and an inner band you button up to stop snow rocketing up your back when you wipe out.

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