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DF Mexico Thomasina mires new Mexican restaurant
Thomasina Miers opens her new Mexican restaurant DF Mexico in Shoreditch.

DF Mexico Thomasina mires new Mexican restaurant Located on the corner of the Truman Brewery, in what was an old vintage store, DF Mexico has appeared in shiny stateside blaze of glory. Gone are the rows of dusty old clothes and oversized shades and in their place are an open plan kitchen, contemporary Americana self-serve drinks station and margarita laden ordering counter.

We arrived on a Tuesday night, two weeks after opening and it was packed. The super friendly staff explained menus, a blue skull key ring was attached to our table (I still don’t know why) and we ordered big and grabbed a few iced passion fruit margaritas to sip whilst we waited.

Two crispy fish tacos (£6.95) came on a bed of zingy red slaw and refried beans, zigzagged in chipotle mayo. Livened up with a much-needed squeeze of lime, they were spicy and comforting.

Pork Pibel (£6.10), an NYC Tortas that was a basically a pulled pork bun, was way too bready. The filling was rich and smokey, but the bread completely overpowered it, killing the flavour.

DF Mexico has 3 DIY Mexican Boards. The idea being you make you own tacos at the table, a really cool spin on the dull supermarket ‘make your own Mexican’. We had the steak and cheese Alambres (£11.95). A long board laden with a little frying pan, full of fried strip steak, peppers and onions with a rather large layer of melted cheese. This was accompanied by a few tortillas, red slaw, nachos with guacamole and a fiery hot chipotle sauce. We dolloped, spread, rolled and devoured. Mexican comfort food with a bit of East London edge!

Sides (all £2.50) were plentiful and tasty. Chilli fries rocked. Crunchy salty and a little spicy, with a wicked little pot of smokey chipotle mayo, and cow girl beans were really zesty, quite spicy and had a lovely texture.

Boho Mexica it ain’t, but if Thomasina Miers is looking for high street domination with her laid back style of tex mex, she has nailed it.

For more information visit dfmexico.co.uk

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