Den Udon


For oodles of noodles check out den udon, the latest London udon restaurant!

Create your own noodles with this delicious shoyu ramen recipe.

den Ramen? That’s sooo 2014! The newest noodle craze set to sweep London is coming to fruition at den, the new Kings Cross restaurant that’s serving up steaming bowls of ramens low calorie cousin: udon.

Udon noodles are turning heads in Japan as being much healthier than soba, ramen or pasta (so you can eat twice as much!). Den is serving up this healthy alternative by the bowl full, served in their house made Dashi broths and topped with a wide variety of toppings that create an authentic Japanese Umami flavour.

The White Dashi is made using bonito flakes, dried seaweed and a touch of soy sauce, whilst the Black Dashi is all of the above mixed with strong soy sauce for a stronger flavour.

And if you’re not in the mood for noodles den is also serving up a selection of small plates, or ‘Tsumamis’, including red wine stewed pork belly, crispy mackerel, miso marinated salmon and sizzling beef steak. We think we’re turning Japanese at den!

den udon, 2 Acton Street, King’s Cross, London, WC1X 9NA 

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