Daylesford Farm New Loaf Cake Range

daylesford farm

For the best afternoon tea possible take a look at the new loaf cakes from organic enthusiasts Daylesford Farm.

Afternoon tea is the ultimate English tradition, with tea and cakes being as engraved into our culture as fish and chips. Those lovely lot at Daylesford Farm have decided to dedicate their time to creating the ultimate cakes for afternoon tea, with their artisan patisserie creating 5 new flavours of loaf cake that are calling out for a cuppa.

Their delicious new recipes are being baked three times a week to ensure maximum freshness, using traditional English ingredients that happen to match perfectly with a cup of the farm’s famous Earl Grey.

For a delicious fruity cake try the marmalade and elderflowers, a sticky orange triumph topped with deliciously perfumed elderflower drizzle. Or for a real teatime treat the chocolate and pistachio loaf is a must, made with sour cream for guaranteed moistness, topped with a rich chocolate ganache and sprinkled with sweet and crunchy pistachios.

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daylesford farm

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