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We meet the woman behind a new kind of yoghurt made from coconut milk in the UK.

Bethany Eaton a former nutritionist at the Hale clinic wanted to come up with a solution for her dairy or soya intolerant clients who wanted to eat yoghurts. Her quest took her on along journey before she has now provided us all with the solution.

“I wanted something that was very high quality,” explains Bethany. “But everything that was out there just wasn’t right. And then I discovered CO YO in Australia – the people behind the brand – a husband and wife team like myself were just about to launch CO YO over there.  I went and talked to them and learnt all about the product process and it made sense for us to make CO YO in the UK and Europe.”

CO YO is a delicious alternative to traditional yoghurt and comes in a range of flavours including natural, vanilla and chocolate, but aside from that it’s also actually good for you. “The benefits of

co yo

CO YO are huge,” says Bethany. “Each 100g contains one whole coconut and is 100% dairy, lactose, gluten and soya free – with no added sugar.  The yoghurt is made from cultures grown on plant-based nutrients; it is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.  Coconut is the most amazing fruit on the planet as far as I’m concerned – it’s one of nature’s richest sources of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs).  MCFAs are smaller, easily digested and burned by the liver for energy – like carbohydrates, but without the insulin spike. They boost the metabolism and help the body use fat for energy, as opposed to storing it.  MCFAs improve heart health, the thyroid and the immune system.”

The natural CO YO can be used to cook with in curries, dips and sauces. And with a new morello cherry flavour launched next year and additions to the CO YO ice-cream range in the pipeline it’s looking like CO YO has fully migrated to these shores.

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