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cool chile co

Where would MSK be without a good supplier of chillies? Not very far that’s for sure. That’s why we love the guys at Cool Chile Co they’ve got an amazing commitment to sourcing the best and most flavoursome chillies from Mexico and bringing them to London’s Borough Market.
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The Cool Chile Co was started in 1993 when Dodie Miller came up with the simple idea of bringing great Mexican flavours to the UK. She started importing chillies to Portobello and later to Borough market.

Travelling and research took the Cool Chile Co team on a huge tasting tour of Mexico to find the best quality chillies available and to bring back home one of the most comprehensive collections of Mexican chillies in London.

Their amazing array of dried and chopped chillies is truly inspiring with ancho, habanero, chipotle and more unusual pasilla and Piquin chillies in chopped and dried forms, as well as fresh poblano chillies.

The Cool Chile Co has grown and now produces a range of chilli-based sauces and condiments as well as proper corn tortillas. Their website is a treasure-trove of the weird and the wonderful, ever wanted to get hold of some dried avocado leaves or Mexican oregano look no further!

In 2005 Cool Chile Co took their chilli-loving enthusiasm to the restaurant scene opening the Taqueria in Westbourne Grove, West London, one of the best Mexican restaurants in London. Featuring their expertly crafted soft tortillas and their Mexican herbs and chillies in delicious tacos, enchiladas and huevos rancheros.

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cool chile co

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