Cool Apps – The Wine Searcher


Calling all wine buffs – your favourite wine is now at your fingertips with Wine Searcher, one of our favourite cool apps.

If you find a wine you love but can barely pronounce its name it can be a nightmare trying to find it again. Well, there’s an app for that!

This handy little app isn’t for amateurs, but rather for wine lovers who know what they want, but not where it is!

Just tap in your wanted wine and the Wine Searcher will tell you the nearest place available, the price and loads of info on your chosen tipple. Now all you’ll need to find is the corkscrew.

It has around 6,000,000 wine offers on its database (we didn’t even think that was possible!) from over 42,000 retailers across the UK and Europe.

Don’t get wound up when you can’t find your favourite bottle; unwind with this week’s cool app the Wine Searcher!

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